Maintenance Troubleshooting

Hot water systems

If the water is not hot, check ...

  1. Is the power switch on?
  2. Power box for tripped switch or blown fuse.
  3. That the gas meter power switch in on.

If none of these resolves the issue, please phone our office or complete our maintenance request form.

Water Leaks

Water bubbling out of the ground could be serious problem, please call the office. If you have no water at all ring WCC 4994444 to see if there is a problem in your area.

Bath/Shower/Toilet Leaks

If there is leaking into any areas backing onto the wet area, or if toilet or bath draining makes funny noises please call the office.

Faulty Electrical Plugs/Switches

Do not attempt to fix this yourself. Please check that the appliance in use is not faulty by trying it in another plug. If a faulty light switch, please don't use, call the office.


Check light bulb, check fuse box, and then if still faulty contact us to have it attended to.


Check the fuse box for tripped switch or blown fuse. If no power at all, check if neighboring properties are also without power before phoning us.

Oven / Hot Plates

Check if switched on at wall or fuse box for tripped switch or blown fuse. If oven does not work, check that the auto cook button on stove has not been turned on. This will stop the oven from working until the set time. If you smell burning, please turn oven off at the wall switch before calling us. We will endeavour to get this attended to as soon as possible.


No power - try another other point. Call us for all other problems if the whiteware is supplied with the property.