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You can be confident that your property is in the best possible hands. We look forward to taking care of your property and offering you the very best in property management services.

Property already under management?

If you already have your property managed by another management company you can download this letter, (link here) fill in the details as indicated, sign and fax or scan back to us. Then leave it to us. We’ll;

Contact us now to sign up.

  1. Sign and return our residential management authority, this will enable us to arct on your behalf
  2. Sign our transfer letter which we will then forward to your current agent

Once you have received these we carry out the following on your behalf;

  1. Send them your resignation
  2. Advise them that we are taking over and get all the tenants/property details
  3. Advise the tenant that we are taking over
  4. Collect keys and documents
  5. Transfer bond into our name
  6. And finally we will arrange an inspection of the property and provide a report covering maintenance chattel’s and an up to date rental assessment. You are very welcome to join us while we carry this out.
    That’s it. You don’t even need to contact your current property manager – we can do everything to organise your change over to Full House. We will forward your termination letter, organise the transfer of documents, keys and information and ensure your rent payments are re-arranged if there is a current tenancy in place.

Contact us for an appointment today. We’d be happy to talk through your needs.

Why suffer the headaches?

We solve the problems and keep you informed all the way.