7 Top Reasons To Get A Free Market Rental Appraisal

  1. Your property is under rented. We can provide relevant information so you can tell your tenants why you need to increase the rent.
  2. You might need to borrow money. If you want to borrow money from the bank to buy another property, having a rental appraisal ready can help make mortgage brokers become more open to lending money.
  3. You can get advice on your property. You can get suggestions on what things can improve, which is very important in terms of maximizing your rental investment. It also helps attract tenants.
  4. You can avoid future legal issues. We will view your property and comment on items such as health and safety, especially with the healthy homes standards approaching.
  5. We believe knowledge is power. You will receive information from our extensive knowledge that will help justify your rent increases to your tenants.
  6. We provide you with tenants. We can provide you with potential tenants who are looking for properties like yours. 
  7. You can learn more about Property Management. You will learn how it benefits you and how it can help you earn more money.

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